Give Me the Ball, There’s Still Time

The Boston Celtics won their opening round playoff series after losing the first two of the best-of-seven games at home. They won the next four in a row on the road and at home. Now they’ve won their first game in the next series, for five playoff wins in a row.

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl after being down a record number of points early in the third quarter. The Boston Red Sox won a World Series after being down three games to zero to the Yankees, going on to win four straight, away and at home.

Teams have no other choice. You show up and keep playing until you win or all your chances of winning are exhausted. But too many professionals in other pursuits allow a slight setback to ruin their day instead of moving on. One person doesn’t return a call, or makes a complaint, or unsubscribes, and they are overcome with disappointment and the day (or week or month) is shot.

A single disappointment shouldn’t ruin your day but a small victory should make your day. I’d suggest you adopt that philosophy if you want to be successful. Or move to Boston, where they apparently know how to win.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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