How Can They Do That?

When I was chair of the town planning board, we visited a cul-de-sac where a property owner was protesting a new subdivision that would create a road through the cul-de-sac. To make matters worse, he had chosen to build his house in that exact corner of his two acres.

“I can’t help you,” I said. The town provides a right-of-way here for land to be developed beyond these woods, and your deed clearly stipulates that the right-of-way exists and can be granted at any time.”

“I knew they could,” he said, “but I never dreamed they WOULD.”

“Well, you can’t go through life without a Plan B, and I’m not your Plan B, sorry.”

Don’t make your plans reliant on your hopes people will or won’t do something that they’re entirely entitled to do: end a relationship, refuse your offer, demand a payment, and so forth. Resilience may be a positive mental attitude, but responsibility has to precede it.

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