How Do You Begin Your Day?

If you begin your day worried about paying bills, finding business, and meeting “quotas” you’re going to behave as if you’re trying to get money from people and be hesitant about calling them because they don’t want their money taken.

If you begin your day confident that you have tremendous value that can help others you’re going to behave as if you’re obligated to contact others in order to help them and they’ll be happy to hear from you because they appreciate value and help.

The way you begin your day is your choice. It’s not about competition, the economy, technology, demographics or any other factor. It’s about how you see yourself and what you believe about yourself.

Your success is dependent on how you view your worth, and whether you see yourself as a “taker” or a contributor.

© Alan Weiss 2014

6 thoughts on “How Do You Begin Your Day?

  1. That is a deep profound statement in one brief post. I can attest from experience, plus worrying about bills and meeting “quotas” takes away time from adding value and building relationships. Worry can be a full time job if we let it.

  2. Great word and reminder Alan! Ultimately, achieving success is about perspective and beginning with the right mindset. I wish I could say that I get it right all the time…but unfortunately it’s not the case. But, the majority of days begin with a glowing optimism for the road ahead and eager anticipation for the lives I will have the opportunity to touch today. That is what leaving a legacy is all about…we have that ability to choose if it will be a legacy of fear or a legacy of faith. Thanks again!!

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