If You Can’t Pronounce Your Job Title Maybe You’re In The Wrong Job

You pronounce it this way: concierge: |känˈsyerZH|

You don’t pronounce it this way: kan see air

It’s French, with the hard “zh” at the end, just like Porsche has a “sha” at the end in German.

I can understand that Americans who can’t speak French (which is about 99.9%) often get it wrong, putting on airs that sound right (which is why they say the dreadful “between you and I” as if it’s correct), but I hear some concierges pronounce it wrong when answering their own phones in hotels.

If you can’t pronounce your own job title, are too lazy to investigate, or too dumb to listen to critique, maybe you don’t have a right to tell other people which restaurant to dine in or which tour to take around town.

© Alan Weiss 2016

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