If You Want To Earn Seven Figures In The Consulting Business

• Be specific about the value you provide, your ideal buyer, and what influences that person.

• Speak and write, speak and write, speak and write.

• Peer-to-peer referrals are the platinum standard, a commercially-published book the gold standard.

• Converse with enthusiasm, volume, and confidence.

• Hang out with people more successful and smarter than you are.

• Develop a powerful brand or brands, culminating in the recognition of your name as an expert.

• Laugh-off unsolicited feedback, negative reviews, and setbacks.

• Watch for patterns of success and failure.

• Build on your strengths, stop trying to correct weaknesses (most self-help books assume you’re somehow damaged).

• Ask penetrating questions and listen carefully to the answers, and stop jumping to a solution or cause right away.

• Generate intellectual property frequently and move to monetize it.

• Pursue highly successful firms which have a lot of money, and for whom $100,000 isn’t even a gnat on the windshield.

• Never spend time nor develop a relationship with a non-buyer, with the exception of being introduced to the true buyer.

• Stop worrying about being liked. Popularity doesn’t create impressive results and won’t pay your mortgage.

• Create a positive support system around you, preferably at home.

• Focus on outcomes and results, not tasks and deliverables.

• Remember what business you’re in. Not all projects are good projects, not all prospects will be good clients.

• If you’re charging by the hour, disregard all of the above, you’re an amateur and none of this will help you.

© Alan Weiss 2013

5 thoughts on “If You Want To Earn Seven Figures In The Consulting Business

  1. I have purchased and inhaled a couple of your fine books. Getting Started In Consulting was my most recent purchase. I followed your guidance and drafted a prospect proposal, made the journey through the project life-cycle and …voila!
    Alan, thanks for making this seem so do-able. Yes, I landed a new client!
    Dale Penn

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