Is There A Good Consultant In The House?

We’ll be in Kyoto for the election, I’m happy to report. Odd fact: Much of the Republican leadership doesn’t support their candidate; there are charges of harassment against him; he hasn’t released his tax returns; he keeps shooting himself in the foot every time he speaks; he did not debate well; the media, in any election, lean heavily democratic in their coverage; the sitting President carried about 90% of the African-American vote and he’s actively campaigning; the Democrats have raised far more money. Yet, the polls show the election to be very close. What does that tell you?

4 thoughts on “Is There A Good Consultant In The House?

    • We’ve reached a point of popular disgust with the process, the parties, and the candidates. I think that’s good if it leads to a third party and/or a system that produces quality candidates and not greed.

  1. It reminds me that a semi-serious thing I learned in a college poli-sci course is still mostly true: Most voters do not think and are woefully uninformed about anything; you could run a dead pig for office and they’d vote for it if it declared the right party affiliation!
    I believe it was just a few election cycles ago that a Missouri congressman was killed in a high profile plan crash just prior to election day, and he was elected by a wide margin. Did it matter that he was dead? Naw, just as long as he was a Republican!
    Thanks for a great reminder that those OTHER PEOPLE are just as sincere in wanting the best outcome. On Tuesday nite we can all have a beer together.

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