London: Day 3

Dinner with the great group from The Coach last night. I take the first 10 people to register, since they ensure the program. We have people from five countries and two planets. They’ve asked if I’ll do my Self-Esteem Workshop in Dublin early next year, and we may already have 12 participants, so that will be exciting.

Finished the program this morning and it was a delight. Great to love your work. The small teams practiced coaching around the pool.

Then we were off to The Britain Tate (there is more than one Tate, and we first took a $20 ride to the wrong one—apparently the country is so old that they’ve run out of names for major buildings). We saw the Francis Bacon exhibit, an incredible assortment of creative but grotesque paintings by a man who was gay when it was a public crime. Extraordinarily moving.

A light lunch, some down time, then off to Wollesley (next to The Ritz) for a dinner of sardines and grouse, which I hadn’t had since breakfast.

We leave at 8:30 tomorrow for Gatwick and on to Naples and a ferry to Capri. I’ll report tomorrow if I feel like it, otherwise I’m taking the day off.

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