5 thoughts on “My Traditional Father’s Day Lobster

  1. 7 Lb! Wow! Love it. I was a bit less ravenous – grilling filet mignon and topping off with lobster salad. Having recently moved from Exeter to EG, I am curious, from the photo, it appears you are dining at the Harborside…am I correct?

  2. My wife claims to be a lobster connoisseur and asks, is this lobster from Maine? I’ll be in Maine in August eating my share of lobster and steamers. I can’t wait!


  3. Lobsters don’t come with ID or global entry. The entire New England coast is rife with lobsters, so this was probably Rhode Island and local, because shipping them just adds cost and endangers their lives. There is currently a lobster glut because of highly effective conservation techniques over the years (which is hurting lobstermen).

    A restaurant here just found amongst its order a calico lobster, considered a one in 20 million occurrence, and they are keeping it in a tank trying to interest an aquarium or preserve to take it in. It’s 1.25 pounds, meaning it could live for another 100 years (no one knows how long they live without predation).

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