Nantucket Journal: August 20, 2008

Beautiful sunset last night at The Galley restaurant. The sun just made it between the lowest cloud level and the horizon. I was wishing I had brought my camera until I realized that I had my IPhone.

The government at work: James, who has greeted us for 15 years and worked here for 20, couldn’t make it from his native Jamaica because the government changed the immigration laws and limited part-time workers. Those who come in the first part of the year, during the winter, fill the quota early. So a man who has tried to do the legal and right thing to help his family for two decades is suddenly excluded. No wonder polls show respect for Congress at an all-time low.

The rain held off until the evening yesterday and it was another fine day on the bay. Today we’re off to the ocean and the beach (for those of you in New Jersey, the “shore”).

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Sunset on Nantucket:

Land protected from development:

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3 thoughts on “Nantucket Journal: August 20, 2008

  1. Might I ask…. Any Marine would instantly pick out the second flag on the pole. Would that be yours? Perhaps another side to you, of which I was unaware. Or maybe belonging to the restaurant?

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