Nice Guy Finishes First





WHERAS, Alan Weiss served approximately five years on the East Greenwich Planning Board, being appointed August 6, 2002; and


WHEREAS, only in East Greenwich will you find the Chair of the Planning Board in a red Bentley convertible and having an email address; and


WHEREAS, the rest of the story is that Alan Weiss, a member of the “Speakers Hall of Fame,” brought to every Planning Board meeting his insight, wit, and brevity, distilling the crucial facts out of lengthy discussion into well-crafted, legally defensible decisions; and


WHEREAS, the rest of the story is that Alan Weiss demonstrated leadership through the Board’s periods of transition, implementing procedures to educate new Board members; and


WHEREAS, the rest of the story is that Alan Weiss challenged the Planning Board and residents of the Town of East Greenwich with the “Strategic Downtown and Waterfront Planning Initiative” focusing on issues related to circulation, the environment and the content of the area, resulting in the creation of three planning committees comprised of volunteer citizens; and


WHEREAS, the rest of the story is that Alan Weiss shared his positive mental attitude and his experiences on the Planning Board with the citizens of East Greenwich through his “Opinion” and “Editorial” commentaries in the East Greenwich Pendulum.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Town Council of the Town of East Greenwich hereby recognizes ALAN WEISS for his unselfish, dedicated service to his community, contributing to the reputation of excellence that East Greenwich enjoys today.


Attest the seal of the Town Council of East Greenwich this 25th Day of February, A.D. 2008.


Michael B. Isaacs, President

John M. McGurk, Vice President

Henry V. Boezi, Councillor

Kim A. Petti, Councillor

Mark Schwager, Councillor

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