One of the problems with success is that we begin to feel that everything should be perfect. I remember George Lucas saying once that the problem with wealth is that “When the battery dies in your Chevy, it’s no big deal, but when the battery dies in your Mercedes you’re outraged.”

There are people with dire illnesses, personal demons, real trauma in their lives. Let’s not let a missed flight, a TV malfunction, lousy service in a hotel, or a rude doctor set off a potential heart attack. What I call “life rage” is “road rage” on steroids.

Get a grip, nothing is perfect. People who succeed best are those who live with that knowledge and strive for imperfect excellence, while possessing resilience.

And, by the way, it wouldn’t kill you to have a Plan B and a Plan C in place because I can guarantee you that your Plan A ain’t always going to hit the mark.

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