Running From Office

Community member for many years, Amy Showalter, has tried to make a case for me running for office in these strange times:

Oh, I have it all figured out! Indulge me for 2 minutes.
1. You communicate concisely. Candidates (should) talk in sound bites. You would not have to be someone else to run for office.
2. With Trump’s “tell it like it is” style resonating (it changes by the day as we know), the time is right for your style. We need more elected representatives  who have accomplished something outside of politics and therefore don’t care what people think about their every thought and move. That describes you.
3. Authenticity is hot right now (not the unicorns and rainbow crap). We find it is even a buffer for a disliked strategy. Explains a lot about the last election (See Sanders, Bernie, and Trump, Donald.)
4. You would be running in a small state where the campaigning is less arduous than larger states. So easy!  ( I am thinking U.S. Senate, the House would not be to your liking)
5. You have money to fund your own campaign, and are connected to those with money. Only caveat is that you can’t have a lot of money coming in from out of state. Easy attack point for opponents. Self-funding your campaign does appeal to voters these days. Not sure what Maria and the dogs would think about that. I’ll never forget the look on Ann Romney’s face when a reporter asked Mitt if 2012 would be his last campaign. She was giving him the sideways look of “over my dead body—our net worth has taken enough hits.”
6. Make sure relatives have paid their taxes, have no criminal record (some drug use is o.k. these days as we know), etc. Nothing in the closets, or if there is something, it is acceptable in the current influence milieu. Focus groups would reveal all of that of course.
So there you go.
Of course, be prepared for the grassroots to rise and take you into office!

Closing thoughts:

Which political party to choose? You can tell people (as I do) that you are a member of the “Green Party”—Green as in Greenbacks. The candidate who makes it easier for me to make money, makes sense. Without business, there are no social programs, no cancer research, no helping the poor, because there are no taxes to fund those programs. People don’t get this. They think making money is bad. But as you have always said, it allows us to help others and to speak up for those who have no influence. People think money drops from the sky, but commerce drives everything. The entire health care system is based on our taxes which are derived from commerce, for God’s sake.

Oh, and in case you ever say something that might offend someone (God forbid!) ask them if they are offended or affected by what you said. Some things might offend us, but they don’t affect us.
OK, off the soapbox.
Now go forth and campaign!
Oh and campaign theme is “Win with Weiss”

3 thoughts on “Running From Office

  1. Alan, your blogs are a never-ending source of insight and entertainment! I can’t get enough of them and have applied many learnings to my career, business and personal life. I’ve read a dozen or more of your books and consumed some of your other material. Big fan.
    On a more personal note, my wife’s great grandfather Peter Carter (from here in Australia) flew planes in Papua New Guinea during WW2, mostly around the SE / Milne Bay area. After hearing that your father was there also, I can’t help but wonder if they ever crossed paths. Peter has a similar style and sense of humour to you so I like to think they would’ve got on great! I’ve been to PNG myself and seen military remnants in the jungle. I have much respect to those that fought to defend Australia. Best wishes, Huw

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