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I’ve just conducted a follow-up here in London for some of my Shameless Promotion Workshop grads, and here is a consensus list of what they’ve been doing to successfully increase their visibility and dramatically gain business:
• Improved web sites, as credibility statements, to state-of-the-art
• Created book proposals, sought and obtained agents and book contracts
• Obtained board positions with trade associations and non-profits
• Issued monthly or more frequent press releases
• Begun teleconference series
• Contacted trade association executive directors for speaking engagements
• Published manuals and booklets
• Created and/or increased usage of blogs, podcasts, and videos
• Put video testimonials on their sites and blogs
• Set up meeting with prospects while traveling for clients
• Analyzed and approved strategy as appropriate (the all HAVE a strategy)
• Become more assertive is seeking referrals from diverse sources
• Created lunch seminars to attract prospects
• Became objects of interest by hosting symposia
• Given up long-time business that was unprofitable or distracting
• Creating new brands or sub-brands

(Shameless Promotion Workshops admit only four people at a time, create monthly accountability phone calls afterwards, and are scheduled by mutual convenience. The fourth group will meet at the end of March. Participants have come from four countries thus far. You can find it at:

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5 thoughts on “Shameless Promotion

  1. Alan, regarding “set up meeting with prospects while traveling for clients”, can you clarify a little bit?

    Should we be setting up meetings between our prospects and customers? That works for me but I wanted to be sure that I understood the point.


  2. No: When you’re traveling to meet with clients, especially at a distance, tell prospects you’re “in the neighborhood” and would like to stop by. The farther away, the more likely they will give you the time. I actually have a sample “in the neighborhood” letter in “Breaking Through Writer’s Block.”

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