I passed a property today that had been for sale for some time, and saw the prominent SOLD notice pasted over the “for sale” sign. I wondered for an instant why the realtor would take the time and expense to maintain a “sold” sign, then quickly realized it was great advertising.

Just as quickly, I wondered why consultants don’t post SOLD on past business. What would that look like? Well try this:


• Who is a leader in health care innovation? The Acme Pharma Company.

• Who is the global standard in hospitality? The Omega Hotel chain.

• Who is the best known brand in timepieces? The Chrono Stores.

• And who does Acme Pharma, Omega Hotels, and Chrono Stores choose as a trusted advisor? Joan Essex of Essex Consulting.


The statements are public knowledge and supportable. The consultant is not claiming she’s responsible for the statements, simply that those outstanding firms have hired her.



© Alan Weiss 2014

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