Take A Break

After four days without power, crews show up at our house from Kentucky. Six trucks, park on the long driveway, three trees are cut down, a pole is replaced, and about five hours later the electricity, wifi, and cable are restored.

My wife makes coffee for the guys for which they’re grateful. One tells her: We had been working 30 hours without a break, and a guy stops and has take-out coffee for all of us and says, “Here, take a break, you deserve it.” We come down from the poles and buckets to share the coffee. Another guy comes buy and yells, “What are you doing taking a coffee break?! Get back up there and fix the lines!”

There are people whose bags are lost by the airlines who think the proper response is to yell at the employees in the baggage claim area. This is all redirected anger, and it’s negative because those being abused are prone to want to help you even less!

When people are rude to me because a book they ordered hasn’t arrived promptly (and most probably has been lost by their own postal service overseas) I tell them, “Give it a little more time. Maybe three months or so.”

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