Thank You Very Much

I bemoan service standards in Europe, Australia, and South America (and Canada) as being far below those of the US. But Asia is right up there, and far better on the airlines.

At JAL first class, a woman escorted us to the proper area and another came out from her station and invited us to check in. This was handled within two minutes. A man appeared and removed our luggage from the cart, and a second took the checked bags as soon as they were tagged. We were then escorted to a private security area, empty, where every employee bowed and thanked us (just a tad different from the TSA folks). Immigration took 30 seconds—again we were thanked—and the club was ten yards beyond, our gate a minute away. The food and drink are overwhelming, including two chefs behind a sushi bar.

The standard English phrase is, “Thank you very much!”

No, thank you.


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