18 thoughts on “The Accelerant Curve (Episode 47)

  1. I have no idea what the sales funnel is, so I think you can assume it’s really replaceable! I’ve never seen it before, it looks ridiculous, and you shouldn’t be using Wikipedia for sales help!

  2. I think the (sales) world is ready for your views on how to influence/guide the buying process then.

    To my knowledge there isn’t a sales (management) training in the world which isn’t at least partially based upon the sales funnel in one form or another.
    Sounds like a huge market opportunity…

  3. I’ve built it, they can come or not! I’ve managed national and international sales forces. I’m not in the training business. I’m happy to consult with senior management on what need to be done to improve sales results, and I have.

  4. Alan…wonderful explanation!

    Guido…The Accelerant Curve is about offerings along a continuum of value. A sales funnel is about predicting transactions for those offerings. The Accelerant Curve might be a bit predictive of where clients might go for additional value, e.g., buy Million Dollar Consulting book, purchase mentor program, etc. What you won’t know is (a) if a person will select additional options on the Accelerant Curve and (b) when they might do it. The point of the Accelerant Curve is to illustrate the need for different offerings at different price points along the curve rather than simply offer a $25 book and a $100,000 consulting project as a means to build a relationship, trust and your brand with a client. The Accelerant Curve is not like a sales funnel at all.

  5. Alan,

    My apologies I failed to proof my response. I wanted to know which of your newly published books you go into additional detail on the acceleration curve. I seem to recall you mentioning something about it but just don’t remember which book.

    Also if you haven’t written about it in any of your new releases, then do you plan to or will you be putting out a separate booklet that we can purchase? That’s what I was trying to say sorry for the confusion.

  6. It’s in the upcoming Million Dollar Speaking and Million Dollar Coaching, and I think it’s in the newest edition of Million Dollar Consulting. It will also be in The Consulting Bible.

  7. Dave… thank you for the explanation.
    My point is that more and more sales theorists point out that the traditional sales funnel (in which a sales person guides the suspect towards the status of prospect, of first time customer, of repeat buyer, etc.) is being replaced by a process which is controlled by the customer. During this process the customer will first “consume” free products and then gradually work his way up.
    Sounds a lot like the Accelerant Curve to me….

  8. Sorry. I’ve written about it in quite a few places, some of which are membership sites, Perhaps someone else can help to find it.

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