6 thoughts on “The Best Swan Lake Ever

  1. This takes flexibility and balance to a new and dazzling level! I have seen training schools in China where all this skill is developed starting at a very young age. The Chinese acrobat skill, and only recently, coupled with an artistic rendering always take one’s breath away.

    Thanks for posting this. I am still breathless!!


  2. Amazing and inspiring, especially with the perspective I’ve gained from a recent reading of _Outliers_ by Malcolm Gladwell.

    Would you mind sharing where, when and by whom this performance came into the world?

  3. If you believe comments on YouTube, the lead female is Wu Zhengdan and the male is Wei Baohua.Both are from the Guangdong Acrobatics Troupe of China. I did a search on the troupe, and believe this to be correct.

  4. Thanks for your work on this. It seemed to me that it was an amateur video and I’m wondering if it was filmed illegally. More astonishingly, I’m surprised I’ve never seen or heard of this group. It looks like a Western audience.

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