The Paranoid Are Welcome, But Keep Looking Behind You

Yesterday, I received this piece of spam:

Dear Consulting Society,
You should be alerted to this breaking news concerning Rick Warren:
James Sundquist
I wrote back: This is spam.
Today, I received this missive from Mr. Sundquist:
Well you can be certain I won’t write you again.  But it is astonishing to me that you would receive a reward for press coverage, yet retaliate when someone tells you the truth.

Let the record reflect your position which I am happy to make public so they can now be alerted about you.
You attitude is what most of the press now has…(it is not true and I don’t care).  There once was a time when truth did matter to the press…their entire integrity hinged on it.
If you are saying that I am a liar, then you had better prove it!
So you are an expert consultant, is one of your tactics to teach people to use ad hominem attacks as you have by assaulting my character, without evidence?
Furthermore, I note that you are a psychologist.  I produced a film documentary exposing psychotherapy entitled: MAKING MERCHANDISE OF MEN’S SOULS, Part II Psychotherapy vs. Scripture
I only wish I had know (sic) about you before it was released and I would have included you in the expose.  But is not too late to sound the alarm about you to my own media database and various national radio shows I appear on.

 Apart from the fact that I am neither a psychologist nor a journalist, it’s fascinating how outrageous claims are supported by clearly disturbed outbursts. If this is how the author approves the publicity around his books and the reactions to pointing out that unsolicited promotions are spam, then you have to wonder just who is buying all those books.

7 thoughts on “The Paranoid Are Welcome, But Keep Looking Behind You

  1. This explosive outburst came from the words, ‘This is spam’?

    Someone seems a bit edgy. I think this guy needs a psychologist.
    I mean REALLY needs one.
    Nuts. Totally nuts.

  2. I don’t know if I’m amused or scared that a bloke capable of such aggressive and illogical outbursts over something simple is promoting a ‘Peace plan.’

    I mean, I’m laughing to myself, but I don’t really want to meet the chap.

    Although I am tempted to send him a collection of Richard Dawkins books!

  3. I once responded to a LinkedIn connection request and got a lengthy sales pitch in my inbox straight away. Like Alan, I hit reply and said “Sorry, too spammy”

    I got an incredibly passive-aggressive response including the wonderfully ironc line “None of the 6,000+ other people I sent this to have complained.”

    What was he selling?

    Emotional Intelligence Coaching. I am not joking.

  4. If the math here gets any tougher, I won’t be able to post on my own blog.

    Gareth, hysterical. I like this response: “Well, if you’re too afraid of what I’m offering, I guess you don’t deserve it.”

    My favored response to them, which I’ll print here because too many people on Facebook would hate me for it: “I’m sitting in a two million dollar house with two Bentleys in the garage. How about you?”

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