The Power of Absence

Jumping on a bandwagon is not a good idea. I’d rather watch it race by, out of control, until it crashes in a ditch. I’m thinking of bitcoin, or multi-level marketing (Ponzi schemes), or pet rocks, or all those derivative people who tried to create their own Chicken Soup for the Soul books, because they have no creativity of their own (Turkey Gizzards for the Epidermis) and never took time to realize that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (both of whom I know) were brilliant marketers, above all else.

My strategy (and advice) is different. I follow no one on Twitter (which enrages some people, which makes it even more fun). I’ve never asked for any linkage on Linkedin or to befriend someone on Facebook. I would never appear on TED. I will not blog for Fast Company, or Forbes, or HBR. (Yes, I have been asked.)

We’re all weary of hearing “best selling author,” “sought after speaker,” “TEDxyz presenter,”  and “well-known blogger”

I refuse to join the herds. You should, too.

Ironically, by your absence, you’ll stand out.

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