The Strategist with Alan Weiss

A day of strategy with me on October 29, first come, first-served, optional half-day on the 30th. Email me if you want to beat the crowd. This goes up on my site on July 27.

Strategy Formulation and Implementation
One Time Only, with Alan Weiss

Date: Oct. 29, 2007, 9 to 4:30.
Optional second day: Oct. 30, 9 to 12.
Location: Newport, Rhode Island (facility to be announced).

I’ve been asked (berated) to provide formal strategic thinking skills (note that I don’t say “strategic planning,” because it’s an oxymoron—you’ll learn about this in the session) to consultants, coaches, and facilitators.

I’m going to do this one time, because I swore I was giving up one-day workshops. This is for any consultant or speaker who anticipates they will be discussing strategy with key executives, and is a “must” when accepting projects to assist with it.

I will use case studies and my favorite strategic model to provide you with an effective, rapid, provocative approach to generating strategic consensus and accountabilities for implementation. We’ll also deal with comparisons of other strategic approaches (including the dismal and pathetic SWOT analysis) and other superficial alternatives.

There is a full day, and an optional second, half-day.

You will leave the session with:
• Clear ability to separate strategy and tactics with clients instantaneously.
• Models which allow you to involve the client in the diagnostic quickly and credibly.
• Techniques to develop the primary and essential drivers of an organization, and how to avoid an unconscious “default” setting.
• Approaches to “test” and validate strategy before implementation.
• Key implementation steps, since most strategy fails in the implementation, not the formulation.
• Application of strategic principles to actual companies, non-profits, and governmental units.
• A sample strategy document.

If you choose to attend the second day, from 9 to noon, we will apply strategy to either your own practice or one of your clients, in a smaller group. This will be a more intimate discussion using personal examples.

Preparatory work includes three books and personal forms to complete. There is additional prep work for the second, half-day.

Fee: $850 for day one. $1,100 for day one and day two.
Mentor Members: $650 for day one. $900 for day one and two.
SAC Members: $750 for day one. $1,000 for day one and day two.

First come, first-served. The second half-day will be more limited seating. This is non-refundable, but you may apply the full amount to any future workshop/classroom offering of mine. The first 10 people who pay an extra $200 (above the respective fees) can have dinner with me (and on me) after the first day. That money will be matched by me and donated to the East Greenwich Animal Protection League.

Dress is casual. Intellectual growth is acute.

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