The Writing on the Wall Episode 84: Golf Anyone?

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5 Responses to The Writing on the Wall Episode 84: Golf Anyone?

  1. Hilarious! You have hit upon some of my long-standing criticisms of golf, and I won’t even get into the ridiculous clothes that some of them wear!

  2. Peter McLean says:

    I’ve played three rounds of golf in my life: once for an Aussie guest/friend in Texas who wanted to play in the state. Once before a brother’s wedding and once for a work “development” day. That’s more than enough. On the last occasion, staff all witnessed one of the bosses tossing golf clubs hither and thither in extreme anger when missing shots. This was his ‘relaxation’. And those people who say you have to learn golf for ‘business development’, boy have they got it wrong! Mini-golf is more fun with less angst. However, going to a local golf course, appreciating the surrounds and watching the kangaroos hop around the golfers while you sip a cool drink or eat a meal is pleasant.

    By the way, what is the tree on your property in full bloom behind you in the video? Beautiful!

  3. Alan Weiss says:

    That, believe it or not, is a crab apple tree that our landscapers carefully keep nine kinds of pests off. It does well with a lot of care.

    I think American golf courses could use some kangaroos. At it is, some have crocs, but they’re not dangerous because they’re so bored and would never put those clothes in their mouths.

    Like I once watched football just to root against Notre Dame, I now enjoy golf solely to root against Tiger Woods. I love it when he gets upset and starts cursing and talking to himself.

  4. Jason Weiss says:

    This may help to illustrate the point:

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