Thinking Big

What does it mean to think big? Should you spend money visiting a prospect? What kind of people should you hang out with? To think big you need to stop thinking small. Listen to this podcast and to Alan sharing his insights.


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5 thoughts on “Thinking Big

  1. Very good audio.

    I once heard “You train people how to treat you but how you treat yourself”

    This is very apt!

    If you lie down with dogs you’ll come up smelling of fleas.

    If you position yourself in a certain way you need to be consistent with that in every situation.

    Even though I was on holiday in the US (I’m from the UK) I ate in the best restaurants as I do in the UK, I stayed in the best hotels etc and I was actually spotted by 2 people who are on my email tips newsletters!

    Now that’s congruancy!

    Happy Selling (sorry think BIG Selling!)


    Sean McPheat

  2. Very helpful podcast, thanks Alan. It sparked this question:

    What are ways of sending signals to yourself, the market, clients, prospective clients that are BIG thinking signals without having to spend a lot of money for someone just initially embarking on a consulting career?

  3. Good question, Allan. My advice is to think and act strategically, not tactically; use a telescope, not a microscope; try to address causes, not just effects; embrace the entire situation, not just a corner of it you feel comfortable with.

    Broaden the subjects you write about and speak about. Travel, or at least read vociferously, and become conversant in contemporary arts and social movements.

    Sean, if you lie with clean dogs you don’t get fleas.

  4. Alan,

    An excellent poscast. I am a 3 time mentoree it is not tha quanity that counts but the quality. I drive a classic Bentley and have always had clients comment positively never negatively. You always said “why should I hire you to help me succeed if you are not successful?”

    many thanks for all your contributions. you deserve the $5 million bucks a year.

  5. This is right on target! I listened to it again today and thought of those I’ve coached who need to hear this. I’m forwarding it to several, but I have a question. I’ve talked with some people who know this is right and would love to be able to think big and act accordingly, yet they feel completely unable. They’ll say “I just can’t do it” or “I can’t see myself actually doing that.” We’ll set small goals to get in gear, and as often as not they don’t follow through. We’re not therapists, but what do you say to help someone get past what seems to be a confidence or self-image problem? Or just plain fear?

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