Thrive! Has Arrived!

My latest book, Thrive!, has been delivered, and our shipping folks will start on the backlog on Monday. The holiday mail will probably delay the package until after Christmas, but late presents are always nice! Thanks very much!

8 thoughts on “Thrive! Has Arrived!

  1. Alan, having bought some of your book I was interested in seeing what the new book was about. Putting aside the fact that you had problems with your kindle guy, I don’t see anything on about this new book. Nor can I find anything on Google searching for “weiss thrive” about it except that the book has arrived and you are have started shipping.

    So, where do I find out more about it? 🙂

    Also, please do not make the mistake of just sending from some place home, but do take advantage of Amazon and co; there is a reason why people want to go through there.

    Mainly for convinience. I for example mostly order english books through Amazon UK as it is the easiest way to get books over here.

    If you need to ship just from home, do add an international option. 😉

  2. The book is described on my web site. It will be on Amazon soon. I understand what’s good for you, but I have to do what’s good for most and for me. I’ll certainly try not to make mistakes. Thanks for all the advice.

  3. I already love the first chapter and can’t tell you how many times I enjoyed your humor/wit and have already am ‘owning’ your content – for example “Wishing gains you nothing, but decisions can change everything.” And the bumper car/priorities analogy – priceless!

  4. Alan,

    Received my copy yesterday and read it last night. Hard to find words that describe how much I value the opportunity to own this book. Only you could have written this book which integrates your experiences insights vast education and contemporary examples to illustrate your points.

    Thank you for writing this book and including the list of Books to Thrive!

    Before reading this book, I would have been concerned about those poor cows in the countryside – not anymore. I hope this doesn’t offend any cows.

    Now I need to go – dominatrix is waiting with a toaster.

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