USS Forrestal

While redecorating my library I came across a model kit I must have had for 15 years without realizing it. So over the past two months I put it time now and then on building the Forrestal. This was the lead ship in its class (Saratoga, Ranger, Independence). It was the first carrier built specifically for jet aircraft, the largest in history at her launch. She was active from 1955 to 1993, and was berthed here in Newport for a while prior to heading for Philadelphia and the mothball fleet.

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  1. Ahhh to see the Forrestal again,
    I was on the Saratoga, Ranger and Independence back in the 80’s teaching the flight crews how to scrub the flight and hanger decks. I worked for the Tennant Company which sold the scrubbers to the Navy. Worked on that contract for seven years. I taught engine repair, hydraulics, electrical systems & preventive maintenance. I actually flew out to sea on a C-1 and landed on the Kitty Hawk to work with that crew under flight conditions. Those were some of the best & most challenging times in my consulting career. Thanks for sharing.

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