What Arena Are You In?

Maimi, with one loss, was trounced by Clemson last night 38-3. Sometimes, no matter what your record, what matters most is the level of the competition.

Champions have to win consistently, not just against weaker teams. The year the Miami Dolphins went undefeated (1972) their opponents were weak teams with not a contender among them. In fact ONLY two teams had a winning record and the combined record was 70-122-4. When the Patriots finished the season (2007) undefeated, six of their opponents had had a winning season.

What matters in your growth is the strength of your opponents. Don’t be afraid to venture into the big leagues. I hear too much that “there’s too much competition in the strategy area” or “McKinsey is doing work at that company” or “they’re interested in large, global resources.” If you’re afraid of losing, then I suggest you check out of life.

The more you shy away from tough competition and play against only weaklings, the more you become just the strongest of the weaklings.

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