Why People Will Invest In You

A colleague and I were comparing notes on our respective practices. She told me that she thought she worked three times harder than I do, but made half as much. She asked my interpretation of why.

I told here there were three keys to people investing almost any amount of money with you:

  1. Brand power. Whatever you do has a uniform representation of value.
  2. Evangelism. Peers are convincing peers of the power and wisdom of using you as a resource.
  3. High class. Your interactions feature rare experiences and opportunities.

But most of all, it’s about Thought Leadership: being THE acknowledged leader in a field, THE ranking expert, as manifest by intellectual capital, presence, citation, and multi-media (platform) accessibility.

When people realize the return on any investment with you is huge, then that investment is seldom subject to limitation. That’s why under-promising and over-delivering are so inherently dumb—you limit your own capacity for investment and increase your labor intensity.

If you want the crowd to pursue you, you had better stand out in any crowd.

© Alan Weiss 2012

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