It’s the Service Level, Stupid

I tried to place an $800 order yesterday on the website for TrainWorld in Brooklyn, where I’ve purchased trains in person before. The site hung up at the final pay option, repeatedly.

I called and a bored woman told me to read me the order with catalog numbers and descriptions. I told her it would take 20 minutes, why not just find out what was wrong with the site? She put me on hold. When she returned, she told me no one else was having trouble and so it was my fault. Then she said, “Read me your list.”

I said “So long,” and gave the order to one of dozens of competing firms on the internet, all with the exact same products.

Most small businesses that complain in a poor economy are providing lousy service in good economies but they can stay afloat. In poor economies those behaviors kill them. If you’re consulting in the SME marketplace, shop the business you’re trying to help.

One thought on “It’s the Service Level, Stupid

  1. You’re absolutely right. Additionally, people including ‘leadership” have a distorted view of time, if any perspective at all.

    A few weeks ago, I e-mailed 2-3 local high school coaches (whom I know) to see if they had colleagues who may want to bring in a speaker for 15-minutes before or after a upcoming fall practices, totally complimentary. (I want to impact as many people as possible.)

    One of them “texts” asking me to call him to “explain.” I responded with an email link to my speaking page.

    After playing tennis with my son this morning, this guy happens to show up to give a lesson and of course wants to “talk” about my initial request.

    I too said “So long” and got out of there faster than a Pete Sampras serve!

    What is going on here? This is NOT an intellectual challenge! But maybe I’m too stupid to understand!!

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