The Disadvantages of No Traffic

l went to a movie theater last night (to see the latest iteration of A Star Is Born, which was terrific—I’m a big Lady Gaga fan) which was my first such visit in over two years. I found the local multi-screen complex now serves hot food and liquor with a large bar. There are 12 auditoriums.

Our film, a hot, new release, was at 6:40 on a Friday. The lot holds thousands of cars but it was only twenty percent filled. Our film was in a room with a capacity of about 2,000, and held ten percent of that.

When we left, there were very few people entering for later shows. The restaurant we chose for dinner nearby at its bar we closed down at 9:40, watching the final out of the Red Sox/Yankees game.

I was in New York most of last week. I feel as though I’ve changed planets.

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