The Only Marketing Plan You’ll Ever Need

Consultants don’t need business plans (the danger being that you hit it, and it’s always too modest). They need marketing plans. This is the marketing business. Here’s the only one you’ll ever need, short and sweet:

Marketing plan:

1. Value proposition (how are clients improved)

2. Ideal buyers (title, type of industry)

3. Best ways to reach them:

• Referral sources

• Speaking

• Networking

• Etc.

4. Best ways for them to find you:

• Publishing

• Blog

• Testimonials

• Pro bono

• Etc.

5. Place your priority on 2 of each above

6. What do you need to implement

• Skills

• Tools

• Contacts

• Etc.

7. Schedule and implement

© Alan Weiss 2013

5 thoughts on “The Only Marketing Plan You’ll Ever Need

  1. Alan,

    Just a quick thank you for this post. I loved the direct and simple approach. I teach an online business development course in my field and will be referring my students to this post.

  2. I agree! Someone asked me, “What do people BUY?” They buy what’s IN FEONT OF THEM! You just have to figure out how to get in front of them. . . And if course provide the appropriate value statement.

  3. Hello Alan,
    I’ve been stalking your contents for last couple of hours. I watched few hours of videos (loved the Howard presentation) and followed you on twitter.

    I must say- I learned a lot about consulting in few hours and thanks a lot for all of it. I am up for a new start.

    Thanks again

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